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FYUR Hunt & Munro

This is a combined course guide for both FYUR HOW DOES TECH AFFECT CULTURE? and FYUR CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?

Welcome and Getting Assistance

Using the library resources and services here at Hiram College is new for most of you. You shouldn't hesitate to ask questions.  We're here to help! 

Here are some ways to get assistance:

Contact your librarians at, or stop by the Circulation Desk and ask if a librarian is available. 

For account questions and general information, contact the Circulation Desk via phone at (330)569-5489, or in-person.

This guide points to library resources that will assist you in completing your class papers and research.  The sources listed in this guide will be useful for many other classes as well.

It is very important that you try to use this and other library materials in your research. While Google may be more familiar to you there are many things that Google searches cannot do.

  • Locate materials found in databases you need to pay to access. (This is most of them)
  • Redirect you correctly through our proxy system so as to avoid paying for articles.
  • Decide what materials are valuable and which are of dubious origin.
  • Collect materials into databases which are based on a subject or discipline.