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How Do I?

How to do many of the standard tasks in research.


Cite My Research?

Why do we cite sources?

  • Citing your sources of information helps the reader verify the origin of your information, and it shows evidence of your research.
  • The authenticity of your information is established by citing and it enables your readers to locate your sources. 
  • Not citing appropriately can get you accused of Plagiarism and is a serious academic issue.

A note to students about citation style guidelines: Many citation format guidelines are open to interpretation. For this reason your instructor is the final authority of the subject of citation for any given assignment.

Citation Styles

Resources for MLA (Modern Language Association) Citation:

Resources for APA (American Psychological Association) Citation:

Resources for CMS (The Chicago Manual of Style) Citation:

Resources for ACS (American Chemical Society) Citation:

General Citation Resources & Citation Management Systems: