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CCP/FDLA/WRIT off-campus

Provides resources and support to instructors and students taking Hiram courses off-campus.

Finding Books: An Overview

There are two catalogs, and thus two book collections, available to you.  The first is the Hiram College Library catalog.  To use or check out these books you will need to come to the library itself as we do not ship books directly to students.  If that is not possible, or you simply cannot find a book on your topic, please use the OhioLINK catalog.

The OhioLINK catalog brings together the collections of 120 academic libraries in Ohio, plus the State Library of Ohio.  Any book not available at Hiram College, may be requested and you may have it shipped to the OhioLINK library closest to where you live.  To search the OhioLINK catalog, you may do a "pass-through" of a search in the Hiram College Library catalog by clicking on the OhioLINK button near the top of the page.  Or simply click the link under Resources and Services on the left-hand side of this page.

Search The Hiram College Library Catalog

 The Classic Catalog includes records for books, journals, newspapers, conference proceedings, government documents, microforms, DVDs, and audio recordings that are held in the WU Libraries. The Classic Catalog does NOT include journal articles; use article databases for articles. 

Search for books using Hiram College Library catalog.


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OhioLINK catalog