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Resources for Faculty

A guide to library resources for Hiram College faculty.

Library Instruction

Librarians will be happy to speak with your class on how to find and use library resources.  Most of these sessions take place in the McDowell Instruction Room on the third floor of the library.  To set up a session, contact the library director or Chris Schmidt ( To ensure successful library sessions, especially for first year classes, please follow these guidelines:

  • Requests should be at least one week in advance to allow librarians to prepare properly.  When requesting a library session, please have a backup date in case librarians are not available at the  preferred date and time.
  • Please provide a copy of the assignment that involves research.  This will allow us to make sure librarians cover what students will need for the assignment, while also allowing us to place the specifics in the context of research strategies.  This is particularly important in first year classes.
  • Please provide to attend yourself.  The absence of the faculty member tells students this is not really that important.  And feel free to ask questions or re-nforce points made during the presentation