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Resources for Faculty

A guide to library resources for Hiram College faculty.


The Hiram College Library provides access to a number of online resources, both through OhioLINK and on its own.  These can be particularly useful in classes and can help keep down textbook costs.  To learn more check out this Subject Guide:


Streaming Video

Streaming video has become particularly important in the past few years.  The library provides access to three large collections of streaming video, which use different economic models.  If you cannot find a needed video in one of these collections, please contact the library director.  The descriptions listed below are different than those in the Database A-Z list, so you may want to look at those as well, since that may well be what your students see.

  • Swank - Swank licenses feature films for educational streaming purposes.  The license allows you to place a link in Moodle so students can view the film.  Swank uses a different economic model in which the library prepays for a one-year licenses for a number of videos.  If you are looking for a specific feature film, begin by searching the Hiram College Swank Portal.  You will need to set up an account, but this will allow you to see what the library has already licensed.  If you don't see what you want, you should search the Swank catalog here.  Once you find a film you wish to have added to the library's portal, contact the library director who will work with Swank to do that and provide you with a direct link to place in Moodle.  Those accessing the films on their iPad will be asked to download the Swank app.